Yet another taxi service is to be set to launch in New York City in the upcoming weeks. The new app Via will offer $5 prepaid taxi rides from 32nd Street up to 110th Street. Although a great deal, this service will only be offered from 6:45AM – 9:00PM on weekdays. Also this ride may be subjected to be shared with other Via customers going in the same direction as you.

Even though this trip is stirring up a buzz in New York City, many potential customers are questioning the service due to the idea that it is very similar to a shuttle bus service. The mindset Via is attempting to place is the idea of a reduced fare of a shared trip compared to a solo trip. The idea makes sense to many, but many are still skeptical of idea riding with strangers. Citylab‘s writer explained Via’s ultimate goal, “The company seems to recognize its potential role in the larger transit system. Ramot says that in addition to expanding its basic service to other areas, the company is also looking to partner with transit agencies in smaller cities, where a dynamic-route vanpool option might prove both complementary and cost-effective.”

Ultimately, Via explained the idea of this service was to provide a more personalized experience which is more convenient, safe, and comfortable than taking the bus or train. Also, they are available at the push of a button. This is great service between a taxi and public transportation since it provides the service of a taxi, but will cost you as much as it takes to take public transportation.