John Kaweske

Entrepreneur & Founder

John Kaweske drives and manages Silverleaf Enterprise LLC

Jobs come and go for many people, and for some they turn jobs into a future and gateway for bigger and better things. John Kaweske was one of those go getters who turned a part time gig into a small empire in the city of Denver, Colorado. During his downtime, John would go out in the city of Denver and be a driver with UBER.

When John Kaweske started, he was doing it simply to make a few extra dollars, but he realized that this is something that he enjoyed. Seeing and meeting so many people at day or night, all of which who had their own story. Not only was he driving regular customers from town to town, he was also picking up members of the Denver Broncos, Nuggets, and Colorado Rockies. He did not worry too much about the popularity of the customer as long as they were friendly and polite. After a successful stint, John Kaweske joined Uber as a driver and his success continued to grow. While with Uber for a year, he was able to achieve a 96% approval rating from customers approximately 2,000 customers. To put that number into perspective, John drove over 2,000 customers over a nine month period, which essentially means roughly 1,930 passengers gave John a great rating. This feat is very difficult to accomplish in any profession, let alone a profession based on time and distance.

While receiving such high ratings, John Kaweske decided to branch off in business with Silverleaf Enterprise LLC, a high end luxury car service in Denver. John believes that if you are going to do something, perform in the highest form possible. This is why Silverleaf was born, to give the people a high end, friendly car service.

About Silverleaf Enterprise LLC

From this moment on, John Kaweske had a new venture, he was able to grow the business into a small fleet of vehicles and hire additional drivers to man the new equipment. Even though he had a successful business model and plan set, John did not take a back seat in the business, he continued to drive to keep a connection with the customers and truly loved interacting and becoming friendly with every customer.

One thing that John Kaweske enjoyed while driving was during off customer times, rather than blasting music, he would listen to audio books from his favorite authors and explained, “It was as if I was in a classroom, I would focus on the author and be able to grow intellectually while working, which really made driving enjoyable.”

John Kaweske hopes to continue and build the fleet of vehicles and drivers.